Thirty Day Reboot

“The time will come when men such
as I will look upon the murder
of animals as they now look
on the murder of men.” – Leonardo da Vinci

Why Reboot?
The first thirty days to a healthy new life is critical to the success of losing weight and changing your attitude towards food.

The saying, “Today is the first day of the rest of your life” has been synonymous with twelve step programs. Addiction to food is just as unhealthy as any addiction to drugs or alcohol. Unfortunately, for the food addict, there’s a Starbucks and McDonalds at every corner. It’s become easier and cheaper for anyone to eat fast food, but stopping this bad unhealthy habit is not an easy nor a fast task.

If after years of dieting, exercising, and attempting to eat healthy, not one fad or change has stuck, then its time for a real change. I bet if your body could talk, it would say, “I’m mad as hell, and I’m not gonna take it anymore!”

I realize this change in diet will not be easy, but change is always a challenge. If you have heart disease or a strong family history of heart disease, you should consider avoiding all animal-based products. To quote a respected authority, William Castelli, M.D., director of the famed Framingham Heart Study:

“We tend to scoff at vegetarians, but they’re doing much better than we are. Vegans have cholesterol levels so low, they almost never get heart attacks. Their average blood cholesterol is about 125 and we’ve never seen anyone in the Framingham study have a heart attack with a level below 150.”

“Most of the publicity about the beneficial effects of essential fats has focused on fish oils, which are rich in EPA, an omega-3 fat. One problem with fish oils is that much of the fat has already turned rancid. If you cut open a capsule of fish oil and taste it, you will find it tastes like gasoline. Not only are many people intolerant of the burping, indigestion, and smelling like a fish, but it is also possible that the rancidity of the fat places a stress on the liver. I have noted abnormal liver function in the blood tests of a few patients who were taking fish oil capsules. These few patients had their liver function return to normal when they stopped taking the fish oil.”

“Recently a lawsuit brought by environmentalists in California against eight supplement manufacturers or distributors claimed that popular brands of fish oil supplements contain unsafe and illegal levels of polychlorinated biphenyls, or PCBs, which are carcinogenic chemicals.10 Testing found that levels of PCBs in popular fish oil supplements varied wildly, from about 12 nanograms per recommended dose to more than 850 nanograms in the most contaminated product. The suit claimed that the manufacturers were in violation of California law for not disclosing any nonzero PCB levels in their products.”

Protein Requirements
Most people are under the assumption that a Nutritarian is not taking in enough protein required for maintaining a healthy body. In point of fact, there is more protein per pound packed in vegetables and fruits than any meat, fish, dairy and poultry.

Today the recommended daily allowance (RDA) is 0.8 mg/kg body weight, 45 or about 44 grams for a 120-pound woman and 55 grams for a 150-pound man. This is a recommended amount, not a minimum requirement. The assumption is that about 0.5 mg/kg is needed, and then a large safety factor was built into the RDA to almost double the minimum requirement determined by nitrogen-balance studies. Still, the average American consumes over 100 grams of protein daily—an unhealthy amount.

Keep it Simple
Just remember to eat the following foods daily, and just keep it simple:
a large bowl of green salad
a large serving of steamed greens
a cup of beans
at least an ounce of raw seeds and nuts
at least three fresh fruits
some tomatoes, peppers, onions, mushrooms, herbs, and garlic

A Nutritarian